• Rustam Minnikhanov

    We have been waiting for this [launch of the Danaflex-Nano production plant] in Tatarstan for two years. We’ve nurtured the idea to create completely new and cutting-edge enterprise. Projects like this should continue to grow in number.

    Rustam Minnikhanov President of Tatarstan
  • Anatoly Chubais

    The [Danaflex-Nano] project is, without a doubt, something unique. We’ve put in a lot of effort into this one. The scope of the machinery, the deliveries, the commissioning and the start-up were quite considerable indeed. A team of professionals work here, a new generation of business leaders. And the ambition is tangible: this makes it one of our front-line projects.

    Anatoly Chubais Head of RUSNANO (Russian Nanotechnology Corporation)
  • Inmarco (Unilever)

    You demonstrate breath-taking speed, incredible flexibility and loyalty to your customers.

    Inmarco (Unilever)
  • Siegwerk

    In 2001 a new company came onto the packaging scene with a fine but enigmatic name — Danaflex. Very soon this name became a recognizable one. We’ve been associated with this company from the very start and nowadays we are pround to be the inks vendor to the largest producer of flexibles in Russia. Throughout our association, we have witnessed first-hand the ambition and rapid growth of Danaflex. The success of Danaflex may never have been possible without the highly professional team which works there every day. Being a supplier, we appreciate Danaflex’s approach to business and the company’s ability to create genuine partner relations with all customers and suppliers.

  • Glavproduct Co

    High quality products are the top priority for Glavproduct, so the quality of multi-layer films and flexo prints are absolutely critical. Danaflex films have withstood stringent testing at Glavproduct and have subsequently been put into production. With the professional behavior of Danaflex’s staff and the modern technologies applied during film production, we have got eye-catching and high-quality packaging for our condensed milk. All Glavproduct logistics work in accordance with a «right-on-time» system, so we appreciate Danaflex’s accurate and reliable supply schedule.

    Glavproduct Co
  • Slavyanka

    Touring the new [Danaflex-Nano] production site, you’ll be amazed by its scale. I used to think that packaging production consists of dirty trolleys and containers with ink runs, but Danaflex’s glossy white floors quickly put those ideas to rest. This would rival any food production firm.

    Today we learn from one another through mutual cooperation. And the more we work together, the better results we’re achieving. We thank you, Danaflex, for your good work!

  • Henkel

    For Henkel as well as for Danaflex, the top priority is to have a customer-tailored approach focused on quality and innovations. We’ve strived to reach our goals together; that is why our companies have become so close. I remember how we reached compromises and strived for quality when Henkel’s innovative products were first introduced and tested at your site.

  • Efko

    Today Danaflex is acknowledged as a market leader in flexible packaging. Our cooperation is the sum of years of good professional practice. You [Danaflex] have been able to achieve such brilliant results in quite a short period of time.

  • Nestle

    There are great people working at Danaflex. We’ve been impressed by your values, team spirit, fair nature and service reliability. People are your ticket to success. We’re sure we’ll see your company grow like a tree: take root and grow skywards!

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  • Heinz
  • Unilever
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  • Jacops
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